Revision: Oct | Nov | Dec 2015

Oct 2015

1. No Sunset (Step Sheet)
2. Bo$$ (Step Sheet)
3. For Always EZ (Step Sheet)
4. Lay It Right (Step Sheet)
5. You Raise Me Up Waltz (Step Sheet)
6. Dirty Work (Step Sheet)
7. Get Your Shoes On (Step Sheet)
8. Dream Lover (Step Sheet)
9. Take Me To Your Heart (Step Sheet)
10. Confident (Step Sheet)
11. Besame Mucho (Step Sheet)

Nov 2015

1. No Sunset (Step Sheet)
2. Confident (Step Sheet)
3. Cliche’ Love Song (Step Sheet)
4. Strip It Down (Step Sheet)
5. Elektrisk (Step Sheet)

Dec 2015

1. Levels (Step Sheet)
2. Stitches (Step Sheet)
3. I Don’t Wanna Go To Bed (Step Sheet)

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