Revision: Apr | May | Jun 2014

Apr 2014 


1. Flirting Scholar 唐伯父點秋香 (Step Sheet) (Video)
2. The Tango Project (Step Sheet)
3. Dream Lover (Step Sheet)
4. Feeling Hot (Step Sheet)
5. Throw Away The Key (Step Sheet)
6. Red Lights (Step Sheet)
7. Ye Tao Hua 夜桃花-月桃花 (Step Sheet)
8. Wow Tokyo (Step Sheet)
9. Rely On You (Step Sheet)
10. Mun Lee 蔓莉 (Step Sheet) (Video)

May 2014 

1. Red Lights (Step Sheet)
2. Hey Go (Step Sheet)
3. Rely On You (Step Sheet)
4. Something in the Water (Step Sheet)
5. New York 2LA (Step Sheet)
6. Hit The Floor (Step Sheet) (Video)
7. All I Can Say (Step Sheet)
8. El Perdedor (Step Sheet)

Jun 2014 

1. Let’s Mombo Together (Step Sheet) (Video)
2. Have You Ever Seen the Rain (Step Sheet)
3. El Perdedor (Step Sheet)
4. When I need You (Step Sheet)
5. Cha Cha Burn (Step Sheet)
6. Raggle Taggle Gypsy O (Step Sheet) (Video)
7. Laughter in the Rain (Step Sheet)

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