Revision: Jan | Feb | Mar 2015

Jan 2015

1. Let Me Be There (Step Sheet)
2. Cheesecake (Step Sheet)
3. Chicago Bonfire (Step Sheet)
4. 4 Little Heels (Step Sheet)
5. Nu Flow (Step Sheet)
6. Miss Incredible (Step Sheet)
7. The Other Side (Wow Hawaii) (Step Sheet)
8. Timber (Step Sheet)
9. Poco De Salsa (Step Sheet)

Feb 2015

1. Poco De Salsa (Step Sheet)
2. Timber (Step Sheet)
3. Miss Incredible (Step Sheet)
4. Little Apple 小苹果 (动画版) Video
5. Leave Me (Step Sheet)
6. Yes (Step Sheet)

Mar 2015

1. Rock & Roll King (Step Sheet)
2. Yes (Shep Sheet)
3. Little Apple 小苹果 (动画版) Video
4. Wonder Train (Step Sheet)
5. A Chinese Rumba (Step Sheet)
6. Badda Badda Swing (Step Sheet)
7. Say Geronimo (Step Sheet)

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