Revision: Apr | May | Jun 2015

Apr 2015

1. Badda Badda Swing (Step Sheet)
2. Say Geronimo (Step Sheet)
3. Walk On Air 似是故人來 (Step Sheet)
4. Qing Mi Ai Ren 親密愛人 (Step Sheet)
5. Besame Mucho (Step Sheet)
6. Ai Ren Serenade 綠島小夜曲 (Step Sheet)
7. Piao Yu 飄雨 (Step Sheet)
8. Wakey Wakey (Step Sheet)

May 2015

1. 2013 Cha Cha (Step Sheet)
2. Piao Yu  飄雨 (Step Sheet)
3. Wakey Wakey (Step Sheet)
4. Love Me Like You Do (Step Sheet)
5. Crazy Foot Mambo (Step Sheet)

Jun 2015

1. Crazy Foot Mambo (Step Sheet)
2. Girl Crush (Step Sheet)
3. Goodbye Cha (Step Sheet)
4. Cha Cha Burn (Step Sheet)
5. Cumbia Semana (Step Sheet)
6. Wakey Wakey (Step Sheet)
7. The Bomp (Step Sheet)

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