Revision: Oct | Nov | Dec 2014

Oct 2014 

1. So Feisty (Step Sheet)
2. Those Were The Days (Step Sheet)
3. McMove (Step Sheet)
4. Kickin’ Back 2013 (Step Sheet)
5. Crazy Foot Mambo (Step Sheet)
6. Body Goes Boom! (Step Sheet)
7. Piao Xue 飄雪 (Step Sheet)
8. Love Me Right (Step Sheet)
9. Pull The Trigger (Step Sheet)

 Nov 2014 

1. Bosa Nova (Step Sheet)
2. Piao Xue 飄雪 (Step Sheet)
3. Pull The Trigger (Step Sheet)
4. 2 Butterflies (Step Sheet)
5. Walk On Air (Step Sheet)
6. No Goodbyes (Step Sheet)
7. Come Dance With Me (Step Sheet)

 Dec 2014 

1. Cheesecake (Step Sheet)
2. Chicago Bonfire (Step Sheet)
3. 4 Little Heels (Step Sheet)
4. Let Me Be There (Step Sheet)
5. Nu Flow (Step Sheet)
6. Miss Incredible (Step Sheet)

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