Revision: July | Aug | Sep 2014

Jul 2014 

1. Open Hearts (Step Sheet)
2. Merengue #1 (Step Sheet)
3. Lets Mambo Together (Step Sheet) (Video)
4. Walk Alone (Step Sheet) (Video)
5. Coca Cola Shake (Step Sheet) (Video)
6. 2 Butterflies (Step Sheet) (Video)
7. Raggle Taggle Gypsy O (Step Sheet) (Video)
8. Walking On Air (Step Sheet) (Video)

Aug 2014 

1. Careless Whisper (Step Sheet) (Video)
2. Walking On Air (Step Sheet) (Video)
3. That Person, That Love (Step Sheet) (Video)
4. Ring My Bells (Step Sheet) (Video)
5. 2 Butterflies (Step Sheet) (Video)
6. Alcazar (Step Sheet) (Video)
7. Poetry In Motion (Step Sheet)

Sept 2014 

1. Mun Lee 蔓莉 (Step Sheet) (Video)
2. Poetry In Motion (Step Sheet)
3. Mmm Yeah (Step Sheet) (Video)
4. McMove (Step Sheet)
5. Flirting Scholar 唐伯虎點秋香(Step Sheet) (Video)
6. Kickin’ Back 2013 (Step Sheet)
7. Those Were The Days (Step Sheet)

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